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The restriction is from the date the event was registered. This may not be the same as the date of the event.

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Records about living people are kept secure. When you start a search, first choose the index you want to search by selecting 'Historical' or 'Events at sea'. Example : you search for a birth registered on 12 April If you conduct your search:. The 'place of event' is a tricky search criterion - often it has been entered with an abbreviation. Leave it out if you're unsure or having trouble finding your entry. Click on an entry to see the summary for that record. You can access the full record, if you choose to, after payment. You'll be presented with two options at the bottom of the record screen.

You can buy either of them by clicking 'add to cart' and 'checkout' to proceed with payment.

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Uncertified historical certificate a scanned image of a certificate. This isn't valid for official purposes. You're simply buying a scanned image of an official record. This is valid for official purposes.

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If you choose to buy, you'll be directed to fill out a form with your details. We will post the certificate to you. Each image is a scan of the original, often handwritten, record.

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Over time, some have faded or been damaged and may not be easy to read. We've made every effort to capture the best possible image of each record. You need to download your image within 30 days of purchase. You can also download it from the link in the email we send you. If you have issues downloading the image, check your computer and browser firewalls and security settings before trying again. Marriages and relationships Getting married in Victoria Victorian Marriage Registry Overseas marriages Get a marriage certificate Register a domestic relationship Revoke a relationship Get a relationship certificate Divorce Register a caring relationship.

Deaths Get a death certificate Register a death Grief support Overseas deaths. When their actual birthday arrives, there will be a neon balloon overlay applied to any posts they make on that day. Method 2. Consult your mutual friends. Otherwise, they might let the cat out of the bag accidentally.

Birthday Lookup - How To Find Someone's Birthday Online For Free |

Ask your boss or another coworker if you work with the person. If not, speak with your boss in private and request their help finding out. Do you know exactly what day it is? If the person is a close friend, make an appeal to one of their relatives. Otherwise, your harmless request may be perceived as an invasion of privacy. Method 3. Take the direct approach by asking the person up front. What do you usually like to do for it? When is it again? None of Your Business Avoid asking someone how old they are as a lead-in. Gather clues by having the person share memories about their birthday.

As they answer, see if you can pick up on key pieces of info, like what season it was or other events that took place around that time. So your birthday is in the winter? Bring up your own birthday to encourage them to talk about theirs. Make an offhand remark about your birthday and see if the person reveals anything about their own in response. Broach the subject by getting the person to tell you their zodiac sign and use that info to deduce a range of possible birthdays.

This will at least put you in the ballpark and help you focus your search.

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That means you were born in September, right? That would be a totally inappropriate reaction and seems very unlikely. Yes No. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Try asking people who know the person, for example, their best friend or sister.

How To Find Out Someone's Birthday

You could also Google them. Check their social media accounts, and look at previous posts to see if any of them mention it being their birthday. Do the same for their friends and family, sometimes they will post things like 'Happy Birthday to the best friend in the world! Not Helpful 3 Helpful Not Helpful 16 Helpful My grandma doesn't know when she was born and I want to find out when her birthday is. How do I do this? Ask her where she was born.

If she tells you a hospital or place, you can begin to search online and at the hospital or city she was born at so that you can find some record of her birth. Not Helpful 13 Helpful I forgot my crush's birthday and we don't really talk to each other, and my friends don't know, and I can't ask his friends either.

How do I find out his birthday? Try tricking him into answering. Mention your own birthday and try to get him to talk about his.

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Try getting the month first, then the year, and day. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Just ask the person or, if it's a surprise, ask someone they know and tell them it's for a surprise. Not Helpful 5 Helpful How can I find out someone's birthday when I won't be seeing them for awhile, and I am not in contact with any friends or relatives? If the person is old enough to have a Facebook account, check there.