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Fiji 61 3. India 1 4. Japan Within Japan: Outside Japan: 81 Macau 1.

National conventions for writing telephone numbers

Papua New Guinea 61 3. Singapore Within Singapore: Outside Singapore: 65 1. South Korea 4. Thailand Within Thailand: 5. Tonga 61 3. Vanuatu 61 3. Bahrain 1. Israel 1 2. Kuwait 1. Lebanon dial 01 first, then dial 2. Oman 1 Qatar 1. United Arab Emirates 1 Telephone numbers are subject to change. Contact Apple for support and service See a list of Apple phone numbers around the world. The United States and Canada. Canada English Canada French Latin America and the Caribbean. Brazil Mexico Telephone numbers are subject to change.

Local and national telephone rates apply. Back Toll-free phone number is for landlines.

The United States and Canada

You may be charged when calling from a mobile phone. This number may not be accessible from some mobile network providers. The very old format and E. The entire number must always be dialed, even if calling within the same local area; therefore, the national destination code is not separated from the subscriber number. In Hungary the standard lengths for area codes is two, except for Budapest the capital , which has the area code 1.

Subscribers' numbers are six digits long in general. Numbers in Budapest and cell phone numbers are seven digits long. Phone numbers in Ireland are part of an open numbering plan with varying number lengths. The area code system similar to some other northern European countries.

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Unlike the UK, Irish fixed line numbering is divided into a number of regions which are except Dublin further subdivided in a hierarchical structure, with the largest town often but not always taking 0A1. Area codes start with a trunk prefix "0" and extend for up to four digits but usually 3; followed by the local phone number of up to seven digits. This is the term used by ComReg and technical documents, as they include non-geographic codes. However, the terminology is archaic and is no longer universally understood and should not be used to avoid confusion.

Dublin uses the shorter 01 code which is not further subdivided. Other cities and major towns usually have codes ending in 1. Cork for example is , Galway , Limerick etc. Local phone numbers are either 5, 6 or 7-digits long. Grouping of numbers is not strictly adhered to, but usually fairly consistent.

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The area code should always be kept separated with a space or surrounded by brackets and not merged into the local number. The use of hyphens is discouraged, particularly on websites as it can prevent mobile browsers identifying the number as a clickable link for easier dialling. Area codes may also be surrounded by brackets, but this practice is falling out of use, as local dialing without the area code is optional on landlines and the area code must always be dialled on mobile phones.

This is being carried out only where necessary to avoid disruption. This means that varying fixed line number lengths will continue to exist in Ireland for the foreseeable future.

Brackets should not be used around the mobile prefix as it is never optional and must always be dialled, even from another phone with the same prefix. Alphanumeric characters can also be used in presenting numbers for added memorability, but it is much less common than in North America. Phone numbers in Italy have variable length. There's no well established convention about how to group digits or which symbol to use, but this is hardly an issue since all the digits are always dialed.

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Since 10 October Operation Decibel all telephone numbers in the Netherlands are 10 digits long including the trunk prefix '0'. The area code 'A' is commonly separated with a dash '-' and sometimes a space from the subscriber's number 'B'.

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Alternatively, the area code including the trunk prefix can be enclosed in parentheses. The length of the area code for landlines is either 2 or 3 digits, depending on the population density of the area.

The area code 14 has no trunk prefix and is used for government numbers, currently only for municipalities. The remaining digits represent the area code of the municipality. Norwegian telephone numbers are 8 digits long. This makes it easy to determine if the B-number is SMS capable. Mobile numbers start with 4 or 9. Telephone numbers in Portugal are 9 digits long.

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Mobile numbers start with 9. Telephone numbers in Poland are 9 digits long. Omitting area code is not permitted, because nowadays it is always required. Starting with phone numbers in Romania are 10 digits long, the first digit always being 0. Russia has an open numbering plan with digit phone numbers.

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Length of geographical area codes A is usually 3 to 5 digits; length of non-geographical area codes is 3. The area code is included in parentheses, similarly to E.

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Area code dialing is optional in most geographical area codes, except Moscow area codes , , ; it is mandatory for non-geographical area codes. These formats are a mix of Microsoft format and E. Mobile phones require full digit number which starts with 3-digit non-geographical area codes For international calls abroad or international roaming calls to Russia, E. Spanish telephone numbers are nine digits long, starting with '9' or '8' for fixed lines excluding '90x' and '80x' or with '6' or '7' for mobile phones.

The first group in fixed lines always identifies the dialed province. That group might be of 2 or 3 digits; for example, 91 and 81 are for Madrid while and are for Toledo. The second group is always of 3 digits as it formerly identified the telephone exchange it now identifies the telephone area. The entire number must always be dialed, including the leading 0 , even if calling within a local area, therefore the national destination code is not separated from the subscriber number. Swedish telephone numbers are between eight and ten digits long.

They start with a two to four digit area code. A three digit code starting with 07 indicates that the number is for a mobile phone. The numbers are written with the area code followed by a hyphen, and then two to three groups of digits separated by spaces. Landline area codes are separated by cities and only one city, Istanbul, has two area codes: for the Asian side, and for the European side.

Mobile numbers however are separated by carriers. Since 9 November , with the passing of the Number Carriability Regulation by ICTA , mobile numbers can be carried from one mobile carrier to the other, without having to change the prefix. Calls to numbers which were carried to another operator are signaled by a unique sound upon dialing, to signify that the recipient is on another network and alert them against potentially unwanted interconnection charges. The same regulation passed on 10 September regarding landline numbers, without the requirement to dial the prefix among numbers with the same geographical area, sharing the same prefix.

The "0" on every prefix is an Area Code Exit code that must be dialed when a number with a different area code is being called. So when calling from outside of Turkey those 0s are not dialed.